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This month brings progress, and even though you will have to be patient, you will soon see you are closer to a more stable, secure situation than you imagined you would be. Part of the reason you will need to be patient is that Venus, your ruler, will still be retrograde until November 16, a holdover from last month, when Venus began retrograding on October 5. Venus’ condition is one you feel strongly, for she is your guardian planet, so if you encounter obstacles, delays, or indecisive people whose approval you need to get going, know that December will bring vast improvements.


Since last June, we have had one retrograde after another. First, Mars went retrograde from June 26 to August 27, but in the middle of that period, Mercury, the little Wreck-It-Ralph planet, went retrograde too, because he is such a little copycat. Mercury was retrograde July 25 to August 18. Three powerful eclipses came by in July and August too, layering on more stress, making those months intense. You and the rest of us assumed we were out of the woods by September, but no, on October 5, Venus went out of phase, and will finally turn direct on November 16. Mercury is still up to his little tricks, for he will retrograde on the same day, November 16, until December 6.


Venus, Mars, and Mercury, are the three planets we feel the most when retrograde, because they all orbit close to earth. I promise, we will have no more retrograde planets after December 6. Mercury will retrograde in 2019 during most of March, July, and November, which is usual for Mercury, for he retrogrades typically every 12 weeks. It is not usual to have Venus and Mars retrograde too, for they retrograde every 18 months and 24 months, respectively. This means 2019 will be highly productive, for Mars and Venus will both speed forward all year.


The very best part of this month will happen later, but let me touch on a few things you need to know first. If you are single, it is best not to date a new romantic interest during the first two weeks of November, for the warmth of the relationship is likely to cool quickly. Don’t buy precious gems, like diamonds, until Venus goes direct, for Venus rules all things that embellish and beautify. Also, it is not the time to launch a product or service aimed toward women, for Venus rules women and also has a lot to do with profit. (Mars rules products and services aimed toward men.)


It’s also not a time to schedule a face-lift, Botox treatment, or any dermatological treatment that is new to you, for such procedures could go very wrong, as I detailed in my previous report to you. (You can always see last month’s forecast on my site by clicking View Previous Month in the blue box under my text on all pages of your monthly report or by swiping left on my app when reading your monthly forecast.)


With Mercury retrograde, you would be best not to sign a contract, particularly with Mercury retrograding in your third house of contracts. Do not buy any electronic items, such as a computer, car—not even a stove, for today even most stoves have electronic parts, too. Wait until next month, or if you must, get your item early in November. We always feel the slowdown of Mercury’s impending retrograde two weeks ahead, which is why I want you to stay as far away from this retrograde as possible.


Let’s now talk about November 7, the new moon in Scorpio, 15 degrees, which will appear in your second house of earned income. This new moon will represent your best opportunity to make more money. If you work for others, ask for a raise. If you are self-employed, launch an advertising, social media, or publicity campaign to draw in more business. If you are unemployed, you may get an offer now, either a temporary job or a permanent one, part-time or full-time. Investigate anything that comes in now, for it will help your situation.


Pluto will be beautifully oriented to that new moon, so look for strong help from a VIP, as you will be able to receive it. The new moon is in Scorpio, and Pluto is that sign’s ruler, meaning that Pluto’s help is very significant and telling—you can find a pipeline of money, but you will have to exert effort to do so. (Nothing in astrology is predestined—all I can do is provide you with your very best times to act.)


Neptune will also be in a perfect position to help you, and if you work in an artistic field or work in a creative department to support the talent, you will do very well at this new moon. Your imagination will be working on high levels, and you will enjoy the work you do.


Additionally, Mars is finally moving into a new sign for the first time since mid-May. Mars has been in Aquarius, and now moves into Pisces on November 15 until December 31. This will make your work life very busy, and all hands will be needed on deck. This seems to say that your work-a-day projects will be tied to your financial situation—both are getting busy. Libras have been having concerns about money, but this month could help you fix your cash flow. If you look for opportunity, you will likely find it.


The full moon, November 22 in Gemini, is friendly to you and falls on Thanksgiving Day, suggesting you may be traveling to your family’s home for dinner, or to your in-laws’ home to have dinner with them. Some people like to travel to other cities, if they don’t have children or relatives, just to experience what Thanksgiving would be like in a new setting. This might apply to you. A full moon can be felt plus or minus four days from the day it appears, so see how this plays out.


If you are not American and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, you will have the ideal full moon to head to the airport and take off to an exotic city. The ninth house rules more areas of life than just travel, so if the days surrounding November 22 are regular days, you might take an important test for college or defend a thesis. If you work in publishing or broadcasting or have a podcast, you may finish up a project, as the media also forms part of the ninth house.


Now we come to the most earth-shattering news—Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will move into Sagittarius from November 8, 2018, to December 2, 2019, a period of 13 months. Once in your solar third house, you will get lucky breaks in all areas of communications. Do you hope to start a blog or a website, or would you rather produce a podcast or be trained to be a host on television? Do you dream of writing and publishing a book? Do you want to be part of the lecture circuit? Work on that idea. Think of something you’d love to do involving the communications industry. If you need more education, take classes, but the point is, go for it.


This same house of the horoscope rules transportation and travel, so you might want to work as a travel agent, in the automotive field, or another area of transportation. Or, you may work for an express mail service, an app developer, or the post office, as the third house rules the transmittal of information, too. One way or another, you appear to be traveling more in 2019, and although many of your trips will be fairly close to your home base, you will enjoy those trips very much, for it appears they will have a touch of luxury about them. This would be a great year to buy a car, for you’d be very happy with it, and it would likely run well—get it afterMercury turns direct, December 6.


This month, we have the luckiest two days of the year, Sunday, November 25, and Monday, November 26. On these dates, the Sun and Jupiter will have their annual meeting, where the Sun takes the goodness of Jupiter and multiplies it many times over. At this time, you will see the power of Jupiter clearly.


These two luminaries meet every year, but always in a different sign and place in your chart. This year they will meet in the house we have been discussing, your third house of communication and travel. This would be a fantastic weekend to pack your bags and go for any reason. This is true even though Mercury is retrograde—I travel all the time when this planet is out of phase.


If you are working on a new website or a redesign, or you plan to unveil your podcast, as some examples, you will see great progress now. Plan to launch next month, for you would not want to launch while Mercury is retrograde. If things are not ready for the time near November 7, December 21 would be a perfect day for your launch.


You are likely to hear very good news about your sister, brother, or cousin this month, or very soon after the two luckiest days of the year appear. You may also benefit from your sibling or a cousin with wise advice or an introduction. Keep in touch, for the news could be very special.


Finally, something big seems to be happening with your apartment, house, or vacation home in January. You seem to be obsessed with home at that time—do you know what it is? It’s all happening quickly in January. If you have no idea, wait to see what happens. Home or real estate will become a huge hub for you in January for one reason or another.



In November, gather up your courage and ask for a raise. The new moon of November 7—the only one of the year to light your second house of earned income—is perfectly positioned to help you get one approved. Practice your presentation at home, and then make your appointment with your boss in the ten days that follow November 7.


If you are self-employed, ramp up your advertising, publicity, or social media—you will be able to raise cash after this new moon appears.


Neptune and Pluto will be beautifully positioned to that new moon, so it appears the hard work you have been putting into your projects has made you a valuable member of the staff. Whether you are currently employed or not, and want to work full- or part-time, you have an excellent chance of finding a gig. If you work in the arts or support creative talent in some way, you will get a double dip of pleasure from the new job, for it will be tailor-made for you.


Elsewhere in your chart, Venus, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since October 5, and won’t turn direct until November 16. If you find some of your plans and proposals are met with delays and occasional setbacks, be optimistic, because this is only a temporary condition. As luck would have it, Mercury, the planet of communication, negotiation, buying and selling, travel, and shipping, will go retrograde on the same day Venus goes direct, November 16, and Mercury will remain retrograde until December 6. Refrain from signing important papers this month, if possible. If you must sign, keep in mind some parts of the deal will change in a way you could not have predicted and will need to be discussed later.


The big news is that Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will move into your third house of communication from November 8 to December 2, 2019, a period of 13 months. Jupiter in this area of your chart will help you sharpen your communication skills and give you a visible platform on which to hone them. If you have always worked in social media, you may be asked to make a series of videos or podcasts for the company. If you ever dreamed of writing a book, get started, for Jupiter will show you how to turn your dream into reality. If you feel you need to become motivated, take a course in creative writing and sign up after the new moon, November 7, as that timing would be perfect.


Mars is about to leave Aquarius after months of touring that sign in your fifth house of truelove. After November 16, for the rest of the year, Mars will be in Pisces and energize your work-a-day sector. From mid-November on, you will be very busy, so socializing won’t be your first priority anymore. It’s possible you have a seasonal job, which comes to life near the year-end holidays. If you need a job, this is when you are likely to find opportunities to work and earn money for holiday gifts.


The full moon of November 22 will be a welcome break to your normal routine. Falling in Gemini, your ninth house, this full moon will have you yearning to travel, so by all means go. Full moons are only influential for two days prior and four days after the day they appear, so any trip seems to be a short one. Take a trip to see your family, most notably to see a sibling (Gemini rules your sister and brother) or your in-laws (a full moon in this part of the chart points to seeing your mate’s family). If you don’t have family to see, then consider looking into a travel package—a bargain deal too good to pass up seems to exist for you.


This month holds the luckiest days of the year, November 25-26, so if you do head to the airport, make sure you are away on these two glorious days. Jupiter and the Sun will align in your other travel sector (third house). Your trip would be luxurious and memorable in every way, and you’ll come back completely refreshed. Also, be sure to give a call to your sibling over November 25-26—you will hear good news. It’s also possible your sibling could give you a good tip on a question you’ve been wrestling with lately.


In anticipation of holiday gift giving, retailers have scheduled sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, November 23 and November 26, respectively, but Mercury will still be retrograde until December 6. Keep in mind that a bargain is not a bargain, if you (or your recipient) doesn’t need or like the electronic item. It looks like more sales are due for December 21, when Mercury conjoins Jupiter, and they might be even better than the ones in November.


November 30 could bring you in contact with a very sensitive steady date or spouse, when Venus opposes Uranus. Emotions will run high, so don’t schedule a big talk for then, nor should you criticize your partner. If you do, you are likely to trigger a complete meltdown. Decide to speak the day Jupiter aligns with the transiting, fast-moving moon and after Mercury goes direct, December 6.







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